About DSWM


Hey! I'm Marco 

My background is fairly unconventional. I completed my studies in chemical engineering with the ambition of working in green technology. However, it turned out that most of the opportunities were in the oil and gas industry, which was a not very motivating for me.

Stepping into technology

In the face of a career that was not interesting for me, I turned my attention to programming, specifically web development. It was exciting to code a website and see the result right away in a web application that I could actually use.

So, after a few months of self-learning using online courses and freelance projects, I landed my first job as a front-end web developer for an e-commerce consulting company.

At about the same time I started my web developer career, I heard about data science.

Transitioning into data science

The fact that I could combine mathematics, programming, and the scientific method to solve a business problem or make predictions, was (and still is) so fascinating, that I had to learn more about data science!

So I set to learn data science on my own. Again, I read books, followed online courses, and worked on personal projects in order to gain practical skills to land a professional job in the field.

Six months later, I was offered my first job as a data scientist. Since then, I progressed to a senior position, published scientific articles, started a blog, developed online courses and even wrote a book!

I hope to inspire my students to keep learning about data science and ultimately become better data scientists!




I created Data Science With Marco (DSWM) to share my knowledge and experience with other data scientists. Whether you aspire to enter the field or you are looking to move on to the next level in your career, I have the tools to help you get there faster.

 I put a lot of emphasis on the practical side of data science. In all my courses, we cover the theory and then apply it on real-life datasets. We complete projects together and I guide you to personalize it.

This is the best way to learn efficiently, and gain career-worthy skills.


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