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"As a professional data scientist, I was looking for a way to learn time series because I need it in my job. I had very limited knowledge on this subject. With this course, I learned everything I needed and it helped me a lot to succeed in my project. Marco is a great teacher! Thank you! I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn about time series!"

Askia Khalid
Data Scientist


"This course goes straight to what you need to do to get things done! Pretty hard to find it out there."

Filipe Schenkel de Souza

Data Scientist


"Clear explanations, great content, perfect pace."

Josip Nemet

Senior Business Manager

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Meet Marco

Hello! 👋 I'm Marco, the creator of this website, instructor of the courses, author of the blog articles, and author of Time Series Forecasting in Python!

I'm truly passionate about data science! I love learning new concepts and teaching them! I mainly work with NLP and time series daily, so I like to explore other concepts, like survival analysis and model deployment in my free time.

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