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Machine Learning Model Deployment with Streamlit

Ditch the notebooks and start building applications with Streamlit

With this course, you will:

  • Develop web application powered by data
  • Put any machine learning model in production
  • Deploy your models to share with the world


Module 1: Introduction to Streamlit

  • Create a basic Streamlit app

Module 2: Streamlit fundamentals

  • Show text, images, widgets, forms, and customize layout.
  • Capstone project: Build an interactive dashboard

Module 3: Caching

  • Basic and advanced usage of caching
  • Capstone project: Deploy a classification model

Module 4: Build stateful apps

  • Session state management
  • Capstone project: Deploy a regression model

Module 5: Build multipage apps

  • Streamlit app with many pages
  • Page configuration
  • Capstone project: Deploy a clustering algorithm for marketing

Module 6: Authentication

  • Secure your app with authentication
  • Manage credentials
  • Capstone project

Module 7: Connect to data sources

  • Connect to databases
  • Make API calls
  • Capstone project: Forecast product demand

Module 8: Deploy to production

  • Complete step-by-step process to deploy your Streamlit app
  • Deploy your app with Render
  • Advanced deployment with environment variable and secrets management

By enrolling, you get:

  • Lifetime access to the course and future updates
  • 7h of video content
  • 6 end-to-end capstone projects where we deploy a new machine learning model
  • Access to me to answer your questions directly